Jon Morse (jonfmorse) wrote in sports_journal,
Jon Morse

Poor Preparation.

First, congratulations to Tom Glavine. We probably won't see anyone else do that for at least another 15 years, 'cause it doesn't look like anyone's currently on track to get there.

I'm used to Joe Morgan being an idiot. I mean, I'm so used to it that when he does it, I don't normally take note. However, tonight he dragged Jon Miller into it, and I'm extremely irked at them for being so damned ignorant. This time, it's not about some arcane philosophical thing. It's not about Morgan's propensity for thinking the world revolves around the way he thinks the game works.

No, it's about a simple little fact, and one which struck me immediately as a total WTF moment.

Early in the game, Luis Castillo caught a pop fly that was a little wobbly due to the winds at Wrigley. Morgan made some comment about him not being used to Wrigley, having come over from the Twins, and I let it go. A few innings later, Castillo did it again... and both Morgan and Miller completely blew it. They started talking about how Castillo, having spent his whole career over in the American League with the Twins, had never played in Wrigley before.

Hello? Earth? Florida Marlins? 1997 World Series? 2003 World Series? 2003 NCLS, the Bartman game in Chicago?

Look, I know it's a minor factual foulup, but I'm sorry. If you don't even know the only guy who started for both of Florida's World Series champion teams, what possible business do you have being the number-one announcing team for ESPN? What business at all?
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