Jon Morse (jonfmorse) wrote in sports_journal,
Jon Morse


The Cubs clinched the NL Central tonight.
The Red Sox clinched the AL East tonight, having already clinched a playoff spot.
The Diamondbacks clinched a playoff spot tonight.
And the Padres guaranteed that they will be playing at least one more game after Sunday.

The Rockies are on life support, but they can't complain too badly; their end-of-season charge was a great story, and I was pulling for them, but asking them to win 14 in a row was probably a bit much.

The Mets, on the other hand... are basically one game away from being fucked, and my schadenfreude levels are skyrocketing.

On the other end of the standings, the Royals -- who just a couple of weeks ago were starting to make people in Minneapolis nervous -- have nosedived their way into a battle for the #2 draft pick. And to be totally honest, I'm glad they completely fell apart the last couple of weeks rather than trundling along playing .400 ball; losing 89 games and eating the 9th draft pick would have been hard to swallow, whereas losing 93, 94 and drafting #2 is a lot easier to take.
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