Jon Morse (jonfmorse) wrote in sports_journal,
Jon Morse

While Bonds Has Your Attention... probably missed something going on right under your nose. Scott Hairston homered -- in Petco Park, no less -- on three consecutive at bats.

His first shot was a two-run blow in the bottom of the eighth last night to tie the game at three. Two innings later, he ended the game with a tenth-inning walk-off job, and then he led off the top of the first tonight by putting one in the left-field seats.

Speaking of the Padres, and the Dodgers, and anyone else in the NL West, I realized something this week. I was trying to mentally picture the Padres' lineup before last night's game, and man was I off. For a while, I was feeling a little down about this... you know, wondering if I'd lost touch with things. But then I realized the problem.

Having watched about 60 Royals games this year, I have the American League pretty well set in my mind this summer. Moreso with the AL Central, of course, but I've seen enough of the AL East and AL West to have a feel for them. Being on DC's back porch, I have a decent feel for the NL East, and with the Astros as my second-favorite team, I have a handle on the NL Central.

I'm not sure I saw a 2007 NL West game before last week, and having made that connection, I don't feel so bad now.
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