Jon Morse (jonfmorse) wrote in sports_journal,
Jon Morse

The Last Day.

Updating as important things happen.

Top of the 9th, 2 out: The Royals' season grinds to a close, and with only 4 outs left in the season Alex Gordon takes a hard grounder off the face and may be seriously hurt. SIGH.

Mets lose. Phillies are winning, Ubaldo Jiminez took a no-hitter into the sixth for the Rockies (although the Rockies haven't scored either)... Mets are fucked.

Padres losing big in Milwaukee, so if the Phillies collapse and/or the Rockies win, we have extra baseball.

Phillies win, and win the NL East; the Mets officially stay home. Schadenfruede wins!

Royals lose, Royals lose. Finish 69-93, and will have either the #2 or #3 pick in next year's draft, depending on what the Pirates do. Goodbye, Mike Sweeney; we'll miss you. Goodbye, Emil Brown; we won't miss you.

Brewers batting in the seventh, still leading the Padres 9-4; Rockies have now scored, and lead Arizona 1-0 going into the seventh. Chaos afoot!

Brewers now up 10-4; Arizona scored to tie the Rockies 1-1. We're gonna go to the wire here.

Padres tried to make it interesting in the 9th, but Milwaukee won 11-6 (in, interestingly, the final game of umpire Bruce Froemming's long career). Rockies with first and third, nobody out in the bottom of the eighth, still tied at 1.

With the bases loaded, Garret Atkins singles to give the Rocks a 2-1 lead!

Brad Hawpe follows with a 2-run double! 4-1 Rockies, and we're getting closer to game number 163!

Oh, but the D'backs aren't finished yet. 2nd and 3rd, nobody out, top of the ninth...

With one run already in, and down to the last strike, Alberto Callaspo singled to bring the Snakes to within 4-3...

Stephen Drew squirts one between the mound and third base... Manny Corpas grabs it and flings it to first... Drew is OUT! Rockies win!

Tomorrow, the Padres travel to Denver for a one-game playoff to see who faces Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs. Man. What an afternoon.
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